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Faculty of Management
in the stucture of Czestochowa University of Technology


Czestochowa University of Technology is the largest university in the region. In the 2008/2009 academic year it celebrated the 60th anniversary of its activity. The university looks to the best traditions of Polish and world higher educational systems. It is guided by the principles of the truth, freedom of scientific research, democracy, respect for the views and dignity of a human being. It takes an active part in the art of the development of science, culture and national economy. Its scientific and educational achievements have become an inherent part of the history and tradition of the southern Poland.

About 50 000 students have graduated Czestochowa University of Technology so far. Currently almost 14 000 people are studying at full-time and extramural courses.

Faculty of Management is the largest organization unit of Czestochowa University of Technology 6000 students are acquiring knowledge and practical skills there.

Over 800 university teachers, mainly full professors, doctors with a post-doctoral degree, and doctors take care of the highest level of education of future owners of MSc, bachelor's degree, and engineer titles.

Up-to-date teaching base, excellent staff, rich social base and 60 years of experience, backed up with numerous achievements, make Czestochowa University of Technology an attractive centre of education, science, and culture of Silesian province.